Plastic tray under dishwasher


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I'm wondering if its standard practice to put a plastic tray under the dishwasher in the kitchen? The idea is that if a leakage happends, the water will be noticed faster as it forces it to go forward.

The product can be found at for example IKEA:
But I dont find it anywhere on the Dutch version of IKEA, does anyone know where I can get one?


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Why would you?

Almost every dishwasher has a bottom that is waterproof and a float switch that will detect a leakage. In that case the float switch will close the aquastop that is on the end of the water supply hose. In some modern dishwashers there is no more aquastop, but instead a valve in the machine itself. In that case if water is detected by the float switch that valve will close.

So you normally wouln't need such a plastic tray at all!


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For extra protection? My dishwasher was leaking and sadly it was discovered by my neighbour as it went straight through her ceiling.

Aquastop I guess can also fail. If you have a leakage in drainage, aquastop will not help. If the door is also, for example, jammed the leak is gonna go through the door, which I believe happened for me.

I think it's worth the extra €15 and was a bit surprised that I can't find it here, in Sweden, its a standard thing.


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