Nefit Proline - Boiler on, but not heating water


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My Dutch isn't so good, so hope English is ok.

Boiler model: Nefit Topline - manual from 2007, so assume it's a specific model from around then

Issue is as follow -
  • Yesterday, the hot water stopped working - ran the taps both upstairs and downstairs and boiler didn't kick into action. Same when trying to turn on the radiators
  • Boiler display panel was on and responding, showing low pressure of 0.5 bar (not uncommon, we often have low pressure issues)
  • Usually, I'd reset the boiler, but the reset button now fails to work - small change in the light on the display when pressed, but nothing actually happened
  • Tried unplugging from power and restarting but no success
  • Topped pressure up to 1.0 bar and tried again, but no success - boiler is on, but temperature displaying just above room temperature (28/29 degrees) and no sound of gas being burnt/hot water heated
  • Our standard handyman came round, topped up pressure to 2.0 using a special pump and tried various things with the control panel, but had no success. Reset is still not working after 20/30 tries,
The handyman thinks that the circuit board is probably broken and has recommended purchasing a whole new boiler. Posting on this forum as I'm hoping for a bit of advice -
  1. Is a broken circuit board/control panel likely to be the problem? Any other guesses as to what the probem might be?
  2. Is it possible to replace the circuit board on a model this old? Roughly how much would it likely cost?
  3. If it is possible, do you think it would be worth doing this or just replace the whole boiler anyway?
Any advice much appreciated!



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    Normally we don't judge the work of others, but given the conclusion of the "handyman" he does not seem to be a real service technician.

    Given your complaints, it seems to be more about the flow sensor which no longer registers the flow of the cold water.

    My advice, get a real service technician who knows more about gas boilers, there are more than enough companies that speak english.

    And it is not normal that you often have to top up the pressure, 1x a year topping up your installation is normal, let them fix that problem also.


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    The radiators also don't work, thats what i understood, so i think it's not the warm water flow sensor.
    So, if there is no fault code on the display and the circulationpump is not running, maybe an internal
    thermostat or cuircuit board failure.


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    Thanks both.

    Handyman is a bit unfair of me - they install central heating systems, just didn't know enough about this one to test the individual components.

    Ronny - Yes, radiators don't work either.

    The non working/reacting reset button is what makes me think it may be the circuit board. Seems strange for that to stop working if its a failure in another part.

    If it was the circuit board or the internal thermostat (any way of judging this? We think it's correctly displaying the water temp), do you think these are replaceable on a model this old?

    Obviously keen not to pay 100euro+ to have another service technician out if it's unlikely to be fixable anyway (or so expensive that it isn't worth doing).


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