2F error code on Nefit TopLine AquaPower HRC -- No Hot Water


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Excuse me for writing in english as my dutch is very weak.

I have an AquaPower HRC at home. After coming back from an 8 month break, the boiler isn't producing hot water despite the heat display showing 75C. When I go into the info menu I find the code 2F. The weird thing is that it's not flashing like other error codes I had in the past. However, according to the manual, the fix for this is the following:
  • Controleer of er voldoende radiatoren open staan.
  • Ontlucht de radiatoren/ cv-installatie.
  • Reset het cv-toestel
Now I tried the last two steps, I bled the valves and restarted the boiler. But I'm having trouble understanding what the first step means. Which valves should I try to open exactly?

Some troubleshooting I've done:
  • Resetting the boiler by plugging and unplugging the cord
  • Topping off the pressure to just shy of 2.0 bar (the manual recommends 1.5 - 2.0)
  • Bleeding the valves
  • Turning some settings on and off in the menu, such as the functie cv-bedrijf
Any other ideas? When I opened the front cover to inspect the insides, I could feel the heat emanating from the boiler, so the water is being heated, just not delivered to my bathrooms and kitchen
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    The first check: controleer of radiatoren open staan.
    You meer to make sure that aal radiator Alves are open.thermostatic valves can lock up in closed position.

    Check This: turn on hot water.
    Is the boiler starting? Then check if radiators get hot.
    If yes: threeway valve defect insider the boiler.


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    Hi Headhunter,

    Thank you for answering. Which radiator valves do you mean? I'm new to this. I should mention I have central heating, so I'm not sure where to find the valves

    I see one valve below the boiler but it's in the open position
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    All your radiators should have a valve (kraan in dutch). With a valve jou can open or close the water supply to a radiator.
    2F means that there is no circulation of water in your central heating system.


    Turn clockwise to close and anti clockwise to open.


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