Nefit Proline NXT HRC30 + Google Nest problems !


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Hi Everyone

Would appreciate the assistance - I have a very non standard setup where I moved in. A Nefit HRC30 NXT combi boiler. This supports opentherm modulation but I have 3 zones (Woonkamer, Kelder, Turin)

The current setup is
3x Honeywell VC8615 (valve actuators)
These are wired like the attached picture and in parallel and then connected directly into the oranje annsluitblokje on the boiler CV

Does anyone have any advice how I wore in my Heatlinks from the Nest system to take this system into account ?

My best guess now is:
Heat link 1 (woonkamer) wire OT1+2 to Nefit Boiler and 5,6 to the water valve for woonkamer (s-plan?)

Heat link 2 (Kelder) wire OT1+2 to Heatlink1 and 5,6 also to water valve for Kelder

Wire one cable beteeen water valve woonkamer and Kelder

Tuin maybe I can keep as is (wiring diagram below)

—- does anyone know if wiring a google nest into this setup is at all possible ?

Overview of my current system

Honeywell Wiring diagram


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The beat link must be connected to the halve where the thermstat used to be connected. Using 2 and 3 on the heatlink. Ot is not used. T1 t2 to the thermostaat. In this case the heatlink should be placed naar the zone valve.


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Thanks for the reply! It’s very helpful
If I understand correctly the valves will then “control


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Correct the existing thermostaat is replaced by the best thermostat. The heat link is placed near the existing zone valve. This zone valve controls the boiler.

The nests of heatlinks wil not be wired together.


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Thanks Ingmar89! I’m going to try this today or tomorrow and let you know how it goes

I hope this fixes my problems because my house is either too hot or too cold with the Honeywell system!


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Hi Ingmar

So I tried this today and it seems to be working OK except that the boiler seems to be on all the time and the temperature is very hot. This might also be because the house is A+ Energy rated so not sure if the nest is properly controlling the temperature.

As you mentioned I should wire the nest to the thermostat side of the pump to 2,3 of the nest. I'm not sure if I've wired these

Here is a image showing the diagram

What do you think? Did I do it properly?

The nest add is wired to T1 and T2 and then attached to the nest and all seems to be find here!


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Orange and gray (to pump 2) is the end switch of the valve. This should be connected in parallel with the orange and gray of the other zone valve, to switch the boiler on and off.

All seems to be OK in the photo.

Your comments don't seem correct:
Voltage should be 24v not 230v. Pump should be zone valve.


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